Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Our Provider

I just had a share a story that happened recently to me and my family that really shows how amzing God is and that He truly is our Provider.

About a week or so before Father's day, two friends of mine tell me that they will be out of town for a while on vacation. They asked me if I would mind picking up their mail and keeping an eye on their homes. I said no problem. They also told me that I could borrow their cars while they are out of town, if I wanted to. I thanked them, but thought to myself, It was nice of them to offer, but when am I gonna need to borrow two cars??? Little did I know God was about to show me.

Father's Day arrives. My family faithful goes to church, and my dad is driving home from church alone in his car. Suddenly, he hears a loud snap! The car starts swerving out of control. Fortunately, he is a seasoned driver and did not panic. He keeps the car from flipping over, and finally hits a curb--a loud crash--and the car thankful stops. No injuries, just a badly busted up car. The car is towed to a body shop, and we all wait to hear the prognosis of the damage.

With Dad's car out of commission, now we only had Thomas' car, Mom's car, & my car; which leaves Dad and Susan with no wheels. It was then that God tapped me on my shoulder and pointed out to me that He had just provided two free rentals cars. (I did check with my friend to make sure it was ok for my dad to drive thier car.)

I remember immediately praising Him for how He amazingly provided for us. It was completely by His plan for my two friends to be out of town and allow me to use their vehicles while they were gone. God is so good!

Eventually we heard back from the body shop. The wheel barrier had apparently snapped and when Dad hit the curb, that broke the axil. Unfortunately, the car had liability only, and the money it would have taken to fix the car was more than what the car is worth. So, needless to say, the "old boat" is now in the big junk yard in the sky... or down the street... wherever.

One of my friends got back into town this Wednesday, and praise the Lord, my parents were able to get a new older car a few days prior to his return. So, thre you have it. Just another cool example how God maes Himself known to His children. I love it when He does that. Don't you? = )