Saturday, June 16, 2007

Trip Interuption

Well, unfortunately, Thomas's and my trip to CA to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins got postponed. Seeing as how Thomas and I are po (we can't even afford the other o & r), a friend of mine heard about our upcoming trip and offered to get us free ticket vouchers. Her brother works for Southwest Airlines. This sounded like a great thing, so we accepted. Hey, it saved us over $300 for airfare. I couldn't pass it up.

So, we get to Dallas Love on Thursday around 9:45 am. We get our luggage checked, and eventually make our way to our gate and get signed up on the top of the non-revenue Standby list. Our flight is suppose to leave at 11:40 am.

Evrerything was going just peachy, until we discovered that when you are on nonrevenue standyby, you are at the very bottom of the standby list. So, low and behold, paid ticket standby people got on the plane... and we didn't.

This unfortunate scenerio ends up happening all day long.

By the time we'd not been able to get on the 6th flight out, we were at our wits end.
A guy at the gate counter gets on his computer and tells us that all the flights for CA are booked solid all weekend. Plus, all flights minus two have two to three layovers, and with standby, you are not guarenteed a seat on each layover. So, even if you made one flight, you could be pulled on the next and get stuck at your layover airport. Not a good thing.

So, by the time 4pm rolled around, we decided to just go home.

Big praise, though, our luggage didn't get lost! It got shipped back to Dallas Love from CA on Friday, and we had to drive back to the airport and get it later that afternoon.

I am bummed that our trip didn't work out, but I know that God is sovereign. He knows what He's doing, and He has a reason that we were not able to go.

I'm sure I will make it out there eventually, it just all depends on when.

Would you like to the know the moral of this story, kids?
Here it is:
I will never fly standby ever again!
A guarenteed seat is worth every penny you pay for you ticket.

Happy flying!

The Way of The Master

Cool website! It's run by Kirk Cameron from the TV show "Growing Pains."

The Way of the Master

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Summer Break

Wow... hard to believe that it's June already. We're already half way thru 2007.
I don't know about all of you, but I for one am glad that summer is here. I'm not a big fan of cold weather. So, Yippee!

Well, a lot has happened since last I blogged...

The fam & I went up to Pennsylvania to see Tommy (aka Tom, as he is known/called up there) graduate from Lafayette College. He got his BA in Math with a minor in Spanish. Poor thing was having to deal with sinustitus & brochitus the whole time we were there, but he survived by the grace of God. I had never been to New England before and I now know why they call it New England. It really does remind me of England. Everything is very lush and green, lots of rolling hills and farm land, and (unfortunately) cold and rainy. Fortunately, none of us caught pnemonia while we were being rained on and freezing during the whole graduation ceremony.
Tommy, flew home with us, so now he's hanging out with us and looking for a real job now that he's all gra-gi-ate-ed.

I just got my grades from Criswell, and Praise The Lord! I passed all my classes, especially Hebrew. WooHoo! So, now I'm on summer break, and classes start again Aug. 20.

I'm also excited because in about 2 weeks, Tommy & I are gonna get to go to CA to visit our Uncle Emil, Aunt Elizabeth (my dad's sister), and their family. Emil & Elizabeth came to TX last summer to visit my family, and I really enjoyed getting to know them better and hanging out with them. They are so sweet, and I just know Tommy and I are gaonna have a blast.

My congratulations to Josh and Beth on their beautiful wedding yesterday! It was very sweet and touching, and Beth... great choice of exit music... Firefly/Mal's Theme was awesome!

Also, a few girls from our ABF class are getting together during the week to go thru the book Lady In Waiting. It is an absolutely amazing book! I first read it in 2001, and the Lord really used it to open my eyes to see what a godly woman is suppose to be. The book walks thru ten godly characteristics displayed in the life of Ruth (from the Bible), and most importantly, it helped me to understand and develop a love relationship with Christ. That was a totally foreign concept to me back when I was 21. I highly recommend it for any single, divorced, or widowed ladies of any age. Or for men who want to have a better understanding of women, I would recommend the book to you too.

Hope all is well with you! Till next time. Adios!